Small Ribbed Crochet Basket


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Our Small Ribbed Crochet Basket is about the same size as our Small Crochet Basket.  It differs only in the pattern, as this design has the ribbed pattern repeated up the sides of the basket.

It stands roughly 12cm high and is about 18cm in diameter.

Useful for so many purposes – our Small Ribbed Crochet Basket can be a collector for your household keys, remote controls, mobile phones, sunglasses etc.. Or of course, display a beautiful plant in it. We would recommend making sure you take the plant out to water it, and always use a plant tray too, to protect your basket.

We can custom make it in many colours. Just select your preferred colours from the dropdown list.

Additional information

Upper Colour

Cream, Fir, Grey, Lemon, Peach, Pink

Base Colour

Aqua, Berry Bliss, Burgundy, Juniper Green, Mulberry, Peacock, Purple Pansy